Business Philosophy

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The company has nearly seventy years of pharmaceutical history. Under the leadership of Chairman Wu Kuan-Ren, the company has always adhered to the conscience and morality from the early manufacture of cod liver oil, and has taken the responsibility of upgrading the medical status of traditional Chinese medicine. We have invested huge amounts of money and manpower in Chinese medicine processing, pharmaceutical technology, pharmacological research, drug efficacy evaluation, and plant food research and development, and continue to research and develop. In recent years, in addition to the introduction of more advanced machinery and equipment,  supply the production department to manufacture good products and increase production speed and productivity to supply market demand, and  hire professional academic staff with experience in appliance management. All raw materials and products have undergone quality control inspection, so that the traditional Chinese medicine market and plant foods can enter modernization, science and internationalization, and provide excellent products for the community.

Up to now, we have not only produced medical products, but also developed and manufactured various health foods with strict control of "pharmaceutical technology" and excellent equipment. We hope to bring more treatments to the public, and further preventive health care will bring you truly perfect health.