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Internal dosage form:

Soft capsules, hard capsules, lozenges, internal liquids

Soft capsule

Soft Capsule, also known as soft capsules, is a liquid or paste-like content that is formed by overmolding a film. The biggest feature is that the capsule can be used as a container, directly swallowed or pinched after being used for various purposes. Soft capsules are produced by filling the contents while forming a film.

The manufacturing principle is as follows: The two-layer film is placed in the middle of a pair of roller-type models by means of a rotary-type method, and the mold is injected and pressed while the medicine liquid and the like are injected therein. This method is also called "Pressing method".

  • Soft capsules are beautiful in appearance and easy to swallow.
  • Soft capsule contents have less error in filling amount.
  • Soft capsules block the odor of special functional materials.
  • Soft capsules can block contact with outside oxygen, have low permeability, and prevent oxidation.
  • Soft capsules are also used as disposable containers.
  • Soft capsules reduce the scattering of highly bioactive powders.


External dosage form:

Western medicine plaster, ointment, cream, suppository, external liquid, cream, nasal spray, eye drops

Western medicine plaster; water-soluble gel patch

Break through the shortcomings of traditional traditional medicine plaster, such as poor drug release, poor effect and skin allergies. The company actively invests in research and development of the basic technology of water-soluble polymer with good drug release and no allergy.

After the test and investigation of the research and development personnel, the high-tech medicinal plaster was successfully developed. The efficacy of this type of product penetrates rapidly.

Since the launch of the product, it has been highly praised by consumers and has gained the acclaim and recognition of the industry.

This product combines a base of a gelled water-soluble polymer.

It has a moisturizing, soothing calming and cooling effect to relieve discomfort in the affected area.

The effect of drug penetration is rapid, the effect is fast, and the soothing effect is good.

It absorbs through the skin, and not harmful for the body.

It is easy to tear and easy to use. The gel is not easy to leave on skin or clothing.

It has good ductility and a pleasant taste.

Products such as: Lidocaine, Diclofenac, ketoprofen, Indomethacin, Fluberiprofen, Glycol Salicylate and other water-based plaster