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"H.M." Wan Ying Ointment
モデル: 13
Product specifications: 30 kg / barrel; 2 kg / 20 bottles / carton


Each gram contains: Aconitum carmichaelii 30mg, Rehmannia glutinosa 30mg, Angelica dahurica 30mg,  red paeony root 30mg,Cochinchina Momordica Seed 30mg, Black medicine 30mg, Doubleteeth Angelicae Root 30mg, Rhubarb 30mg, Cinnamon 30mg, Kusnezoff Monkshood Root 30mg, Japanese Ampelopsis 30mg, Angelica sinensis 30mg, notopterygium root 30mg, licorice 30mg, Scrophularia ningpoensis 30mg, myrrh 30mg, frankincense 30mg, yellow wax 300mg, menthol 20mg, winter green oil 30mg, edible yellow No. 5 qs, edible blue No.1 qs, sodium dehydroacetate 0.5mg, sesame oil added to 1g

Indications: Rheumatism, soreness, joint pain, sprain, and sudden sprain.

Dosage: Apply the plaster to the affected area once a day to several times.