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"Dersan" Shu An Spray
モデル: 11
Product specifications: 115ml/80 bottles/carton


Each 1ml contains: radix sileris 1.1mg, Seremban 1.1mg, Tree Peony Root - bark 1.1mg, Carpesii Fructus 1.1mg, Skunk Bugbane Rhizome 1.1mg, Sophora flavescens 2.2mg,  Herb of Intricate Clematis 2.2mg,  red paeony root 2.2mg, Zanthoxylum 1.1mg, Licorice 1.1mg , Ocimum basilicum 1.1mg, Anredera cordifolia 1.1 mg, menthol 78.1mg, winter green oil 30.2mg, alcohol added to 1ml

Indications: Muscle pain, mosquito bites, swelling and itching

Dosage: According to the needs of the affected area, apply 1 day to several times a day.