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Jin Sy Gau
モデル: 6
Product specifications:10 pieces / 10 packs / 10 boxes / box
Specification: 12cm


Each gram contains: Chinese Angelica root-tip 11mg, angelica anomala 11mg, almond 11mg, Scrophularia ningpoensis 11mg, American Honeylocust 11mg, Kusnezoff Monkshood Root 11mg, Lentils 30mg, frankincense 19mg, myrrh 19mg, Resina Liquidambaris Extract 250mg, menthol 20mg, winter green oil 5mg, borneol 25mg, zinc oxide 30mg, resin 370mg, titanium dioxide 4mg, Diphenhydramine HCl 5mg, butylated hydroxytoluene 3mg, sesame oil added to 1g

Indications: Falling damage, hand, foot, shoulder and back, cold and wet, athlete's foot pain

Dosage: Stick the plaster to the affected part. If the person is seriously ill, stick three pieces a day.