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Chie Tung Ning PAP 〝GP〞
モデル: 4
Product specifications:14g (10*14cm) 6 pieces / 80 bags / carton
Physician and pharmacist instruction medicine

Ingredient: 14g per piece (14cm x 10cm without non-woven fabric, release paper) Contains: Ketoprofen 30mg

Indications: Temporarily relieve local pain.



1. Usually attach to the affected area once a day for patients with chronic diseases or severe cases 2 to 3 times a day. The plaster can be cut into appropriate size, peeled off the release paper and attached to the affected area.

2. When sweating, please dry the affected area before applying it.

3. For parts such as joints that are easy to fall off, they can be fixed with a protective gel or a stretch bandage.